CEO's message

Company CEO's message
  Now is the Time for a second leap in advanced surface treatment technology.

We, LICHTZEN Co., Ltd, are a company specializing in production of UV/IR/NIR curing and drying equipment as well as UV lamps and transformers.

We are proud of our efforts put into our products, and your cooperation and support has allowed us to grow steadily. We’ve been exporting our systems at the lowest prices possible and with the best after sales services to satisfy our customers all over the world, including China, United States of America, Japan, Vietnam, and other European Union countries. We fully believe using of our products will help improve the quality of our customer’s products.

We remain committed to raising our productivity though product innovation and skillful management, and our continuous efforts have resulted in higher productivity and improvements in the quality level of our products.

That is why we have been able to supply you with the best quality products at the lowest prices with the best after-sales services in the trade. Our past growth could not have been possible without your cooperation and support, and our future will also depend on the same.

We will never forget this, and we promise to work even harder to deserve your cooperation and support, first and foremost, supplying you with the best products of the highest value.

Thank You.