INNO-CURE 2000 & 5000

UV Module system SPOT UV
Optimum for higher UV power on a restricted partial area.
Concentrate UV power to partial area with light-guide and shorten the curing time.
Optimum for thick adhesives rapid curing.
Microprocessor Control
PLC Interface
High UV intensity
High power factor
Compact design
Run time intergation of UV Lamp
Turn on times integration of UV Lamp
Working mode memorzation and auto-return
Shutter open/close by foot pedal
Manual / auto / pulse mode
LCD display
Easy Lamp exchange
CE Mark certification

Chip bonding, optical components adhesion, partial, curing of screen prints.
Fixing electric components, adhesion of glass products (Watch, lens, etc)
Finishing of coil winding (Bonding), Sealing of liquid crystal
Optimum for electro components protection coating
Bonding optical fiber, metals and plastics, etc
Red-short material's adhesion, medical devices components adhesion
Others where partial curing is needed

System Specifications
Power Requirements

220VAC, 50/60Hz


Input Power 100W 200W  
UV Lamp Mercury Short Arc Lamp  
Lamp Power 80W 100W  
Lamp Life 2,000HR 2,000HR  
UV Intersity Approx.2,000mW/㎠ Approx.5,000mW/㎠ @365mm[peak]
Total UV
Output Energy
Approx.3,000mW/㎠ Approx.7,000mW/㎠ 250~450mm
Intensity Adjustment Not available Manual, 0~100%  
Power Supply Electronic Ballast  
Control Method Microprocessor Control  
Warming up time 2Minutes  
Operation Mode   Auto Mode : Shutter control by memorized time
  Manual Mode : Shutter control by manual
  Pulse Mode : Periodic shutter control by memorized time interval
Mode Adjustment   Auto Mode -> Manual Mode -> Pluse Mode -> Operating Time -> Turn On
  Time, Timer Set Mode
Foot Pedal Shutter Open
/ Close
Light Guides Liquid Light Guide Type  
1(Branch)×5mm(φ)×1,000mm(L) Standard
2(Branch)×5mm(φ)×1,000mm(L) Option
In addition to above specification, ohter specification also available
Safety Automatic power off feature when cover opened or Overheated during operation  
Dimensions 250(W)×275(D)×180(H)mm 210(W)×300(D)×300(H)mm  
Weight 6.0kgs 8.4kgs  

Liquid Light Guides
MODEL Branch No. Specifications
LS13-1000 1 3mm(Φ)×1,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS13-1500 3mm(Φ)×1,500mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS13-2000 3mm(Φ)×2,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS15-1000 5mm(Φ)×1,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS15-1500 5mm(Φ)×1,500mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS15-2000 5mm(Φ)×2,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS18-1000 8mm(Φ)×1,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS18-1500 8mm(Φ)×1,500mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS18-2000 8mm(Φ)×2,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS23-1000 2 3mm(Φ)×1,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS23-1500 3mm(Φ)×1,500mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS23-2000 3mm(Φ)×2,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS33-1000 3 3mm(Φ)×1,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS33-1500 3mm(Φ)×1,500mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS33-2000 3mm(Φ)×2,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS43-1000 4 3mm(Φ)×1,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS43-1500 3mm(Φ)×1,500mm(L) Liquid Light Guide
LS43-2000 3mm(Φ)×2,000mm(L) Liquid Light Guide