UV Application

  UV is used for various purpose.
The most strong point is it makes high-productivity as curing speed and drying made within 1~2 second.

Electronic industries
Product labeling Printed Circuit Board Manufacture
Solder Mask Etch Resist Inks
Legend inks Ceramic Wafers
Semiconductor Membrane Switches
Conductive coatings Dielectric coatings
LCD Sealants
Potting Dry Film Resists
Photoresists Conformal Coatings
Encapsulating Coatings Adhesives
Litho Printing
General and Commercial Printing Web Offset
Sheet Fed Offset Business Forms
Continuous Stationery Carton
Packaging Greetings Cards
Wet Label Plastic Covers
Special Plastics Credit Cards
Security Printing    
Screen Printing
Decals Posters
CD/DVD Decoration Signs
3D Printing & Coating
2 Piece Can Manufacture 3 Piece Can Manufacture
Plastic Containers Bottles
Ink Jet Pad Printing
Coatings on 3D parts Cosmetics Packaging & Decoration)
Cosmetics Packaging & Decoration)
Head and Tail Lamp Reflectors Head & Tail Lamp Lenses Coatings
Silicone Airbag Coatings Seat Belt Coatings
nterior Trim Components Silicone Hard Coats Automotive
Exterior Trim Components External Protective Coatings
Radio Antenna Pin-striping
Sound Insulation Gaskets
Security Printing    
Converting / Packaging
Wide Web Film Coating Laminating Adhesive
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Silicone Release Coatings
Aseptic packaging    
Protective Lacquers Flexible Floor Covering
Cork and Vinyl Tiles Pre Finished Flooring
Laminate Flooring
UV Fluorescence
Digital Ink Jet Printing
Labels Labels
Labeling Pre-print Liner
CD Printing Plastic Cards and Tags
Decorative Printing    
Flexo Printing
Product Marking and Encoding Flexible Packaging
Sensitive Substrates Wide and Macro Format Graphics
Post-print Liner    
Adhesive & Product Assembly
Gaskets DVD Manufacture
Glass Assembly LCD Screens
Mobile Phones Optical Fiber Bonding
Keyboards Touch Screen Membranes
Acrylic Hotmelts Release Coatings
Scratch Resistant Coatings Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Adhesive Tapes    
Gracure Printing
Frozen Food Packaging    
Money Stamps    
Labels Product Packaging
Tube Packaging CD/DVD Decoration
Medical Devices
Device Assembly Adhesives
Product identification    
Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM)
Ink and Coating Manufacturers UV Equipment Manufacturers
Application Equipment Builders    
Powdered Coating
MDF Board Metal Parts
Plastic Parts    
Wire & Cable
CD Manufacturing DVD Manufacturing
Tape Decoration    
Digital Ink Jet Printing
Optical Fiber Mfg Optical Fiber Ribbon
Optical Fiber Coloring Optical Fiber Bonding
Wire marking Wire Coloring
Wire bonding    
Wood Finishing
Particle Board Filler Furniture Finishing
Furniture Finishing Fishing Poles
Protective Coatings