MIR Application

Automobile-Related Industry

Automobile-Related Industry
All Kind of Drying and Heating in the Process of Automobile Parts Coating
Plasticity Drying of PVC Sealant
Drying of Particle Painting
Drying of Water-Soluble Paints of Petrol Tanks
Drying of Bumper’s Paints
Drying of Protection Coating of Radiator, etc
Plastic Industries
Heating Surface before PVC Lamination
Heating before Vinyl Embossing Process
Heating of Plastic Tube
Heating of PET Bottle Molding
Drying Inks and Paints
Glass Industries
Drying Coated Surface of PDP, CRT Glasses
Drying Process of Various FILMS for LCDS
Process of Bulb Production
Cutting Process of Laminated Glasses
Fabric Industry
Drying of Water-Soluble Dyes
Drying of Latex of Carpet
Heating for Eliminating Wrinkles of Extruded Fabric
Drying of Inks and Paints
Drying of Metal Coating
Printing and Drying for Fuel Cell and Secondary Cell’s Process
Timber Drying and Food Drying, etc