Bar type UV LED

UV LED Bar type UV LED
InnoCure L35 is a compact & solid design of UV LED curing system. Comparing with the conventional UV lamp system, L35 provides better enery efficiency, easy installation & maintenance, cost & space saving.
Less heat generation. Less heat damage to products
Instant light on available. No need warm up time.
Space saving and simple configuration. Easy integration of new system into existing automated production line.
No mercury required. No ozone generation- Eco friendly system
Long lifespan of UV LED
No bubbling, no yellowing by heat
Upon customers’ needs, various way of integration is available.

Item Description
Available Wavelength 365nm ± 5nm
Curing Area 320 x 10mm
Cooling Method Air Cooling
Input Power AC 220V (±10%), 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 115W (1 LED Module), 215W (2 LED Modules)
Working Temperature
??+5˚C ~ +35˚C
?Storage Temperature ?-10˚C ~ +50˚C (No Freezing, No Dew Condensation)
Working Humidity/ Storage Humidity
30% ~ 85% RH (No Freezing, No Dew Condensation)
(L x W x H)

Controller: 333 x 302 x 112 mm
LED Module: 370 x 53 x 108 mm

Weight Controller: 5.5 [Kg] , LED Module: 2.7[Kg]/EA

5mm 500mW/cm2
10mm 500mW/cm2
15mm 500mW/cm2
20mm 470mW/cm2
LED Lamp Lifecycle
10,000 Hr (Min.)
Separate Control of LED Module(s) 1 Controller can control 1 or 2 LED Modules

Radiation by Program

* Programmable trigger mode
* Timer Function
- Count Up Mode: 0.1~999.9S (Interval 0.1 sec)
* Fixed Radiation
- Radiate in fixed power and fixed time
* Radiation in Steps
- 16 steps (Max)
- Radiation power and time in steps
* Constant Radiation- Radiation in fixed power (until receiving another signal)

Dimming Control * 1% ~ 100% Power Control (Valid Dimming Range: 70%~100%)
External Control * PLC Conrol
Accessories AC Power Cable, User Manual, Foot Switch, Connection
Cable of controller & LED Module
Warranty 1 Year