UV Module system UV SYSTEMS
Roll-to-roll type UV Curing for film and tsp field etc.
Various combination of roll-to-roll type curing is available.
Various coater module is availabe.
Simply choice the intensity of radiation at easy.
Easy lamp exchange by applied sliding type's lamp housing.
Cold and hot mirror are applied.
UV Lamps : medium/high pressure mercury and metal halide lamp(3~16KW).
Forced air cooling system.
Width of curing : 300~1,500MM
Easy lamp replacement by sliding type lamp housing

       Length of Conveyor 2,000~5,000mm
       Width of Conveyor 300~1,500mm
       UV Lamp Q'ty 2~4 (Mercury, Metal Halide)
※ Adjust the height of reflector and simple cleaning of inside of reflector. (Optional)